Paint Shop Automation - Sealer and Painting

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This course covers the automation technologies used in an automotive paint shop. The course explains how paint shop automation has evolved over the years from no automation to very sophisticated specific hardware and why. The course includes a basic understanding of powder painting and the handling of powder coatings. It covers many operational best practices used in programming robotic painting paths developed by experienced robot programmers and paint process engineers. The basic functionality and possible failures of paint applicators is covered and the class also includes a discussion on dispense equipment used for sealing and painting as well as ancillary equipment used as part of painting and sealing the automotive body. Finally there is a discussion on the latest automation safety as well.

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Learners who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion for 5.0 professional development hours.

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Fred BlairInstructor Fred Blair has 43 years of experience in the paint shops of major OEMs in the automobile industry. He was a paint process engineer at an automotive assembly plant for a number of years before moving to corporate headquarters. Later he was in charge of a team that supported the global painting operations for one OEM for almost two decades. In that capacity he managed the conversion of almost all technology innovations for both materials and equipment for that OEM. Blair holds two U.S. patents in powder painting application technology and has extensive experience with almost all paint automation and paint technologies.

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