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The Lean Green Belt short course is an in-depth dive into the understanding of lean enterprise principles and how to apply them within your organization. Upon completion of this online course and passing the qualifying exam, you will receive the IISE Lean Green Belt certification, which is good for three years.

This course is taken from a live virtual short course recording and includes all supplemental materials from that course.

This course discusses the lean journey and how the various lean concepts are applied and impact a process. Mapping the process flow and identifying the activities that add value from the customer's perspective is the cornerstone of this class. Real-world scenarios are presented to illustrate the conversion from a traditional to a lean environment. The course also provides a structure for how to manage a lean process for continuous improvement. Participants will learn how to structure their organizations to support and continuously improve a lean process. Participants will also fully understand how to implement 5S within their organizations through visual management and how to begin reducing setup time using the SMED process. 

Course Content:

·      Flow: Establishing one-piece flow across the value-adding activities

·      Point-Of-Use: Using workplace organization and equipment setup reduction techniques to enable flow by having all equipment and materials readily accessible

·      Pull: Providing a method for continuously replenishing materials as they are consumed by customer demand

·      Built-in Quality: Continuously improving each step of the production process to eliminate variation and to pursue the goal of perfect product and process quality

·      Build to Demand: Learn to produce only to actual customer demand
Certification Exam


Deadlines: You will have six months from the date of purchase to finish the course. The Lean Green Belt Certification Exam must be taken within six months of completing the online course. You will be notified by IISE with the link to take the qualifying exam once you have completed the course.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 
Create and improve a lean process
Implement 5S to develop a safe, clean working environment
Map the process flow and identify activities that add value 
Reduce setup time using the SMED process

Individuals who complete the course earn 2.1 CEUs from the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE). Individuals who complete all of the course requirements AND pass the qualifying exam will receive the IISE Lean Green Belt certification. This certification is valid for three years and may be renewed by logging on to www.iienet2.org/RenewCertificate. There is a $25 fee to cover administrative costs associated with the renewal. Lost certificates may be replaced using the same online process.
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This class is taught by Dr. Beth Cudney, associate professor of business data analytics at the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University. She is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt; holds eight ASQ certifications, which include ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence, and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, among others. Research interests include Quality Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Healthcare Systems Engineering, and Lean Six Sigma.

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