Paint Booth Sludge Systems and Energy Conservation

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This seminar provides an introductory overview of the function of primary components of an industrial automotive paint operation with focus in the following areas:

·Overview of Paint Booth/Shop Facility/Worker Safety - introductory overview to paint booth components, paint booth environment, and paint booth operations.
·Paint Shop Air Management - introductory overview to air mechanics and movement, air supply and air exhaust control, air flow measurement and control, and air flow schematic models.
·Paint Shop Sludge Management - introductory overview to paint particle control, paint particle removal, and sludge tank systems.
·Paint Booth Scrubber Tank Technology - introductory overview to scrubber tank function, scrubber tank maintenance, and scrubber tank safety and inspection issues.
·Paint Booth Abatement and Waste Management - introductory overview to requirement for abatement and waste management, spray paint booth systems, and air quality, and emissions abatement strategies.
·Paint Booth Energy Management - introductory overview for consideration of energy management, examples of energy management opportunities, and paint systems energy efficiency.

It is suggested that course participants have a technical/engineering and coatings technology knowledge base.

Suggested participant who would benefit from taking this course:
Technically oriented staff or management desiring an introduction to paint booth operational components with an emphasis on waste and energy management from a sludge generation control perspective may best benefit from taking this course.

Learners who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion for 8.0 professional development hours.

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Harvest Collier is a Professor of Chemistry at the Missouri University of Science and Technology and President of the Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research (AACR), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of the application of coatings technology. For over 20 years, he has instructed in a series of polymer and coatings science short courses including “Basic Composition of Coatings”, “Paint and Coatings Formulation”, “Physical Testing of Paint and Coatings”, “Polymer Chemistry” and “Basic Coatings for Sales, Marketing and General Personnel”.

In 2001 he established the Missouri S&T Institute for Environmental Excellence and served as its director until 2008. During this period, he provided leadership for the organization of a campus wide environmental management system (EMS) and led one of the nation’s eleven EPA Public Entity EMS Resource (PEER) Centers. As a Local Resource Center, the PEER Center provided support, guidance and resources for public entities, including local, county and state governments looking to develop and implement management and sustainability practices in their organizations.

Professor Collier conducts research in areas of polymer synthesis and polymer and coatings applications. His work includes the development and evaluation of polymers for coatings applications with emphasis in the area of new metal binding polymer systems.

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