Introduction to Hydraulics

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Concepts, not equations are the focus of this module.  It covers fluid properties and behavior, demonstrating the practical aspects of pipeline flow.  Intended for those without a technical background, even veteran engineers comment they gain a fuller understanding of why pipelines behave the way they do. 

Students are expected to gain an overview of oil and gas pipeline, field, and central control room operations.  Topics include:
•    Hydraulics in pipeline design
•    Hydraulics in pipeline operations
•    Hydraulic equation examples
•    Basics of fluid flow
•    Liquids vs. gases
•    Bernoulli's principle
•    Density
•    Viscosity
•    Vapor pressure
•    Height of a column of liquid as a measure of pressure
•    Gas laws
•    Ideal gas equation
•    Compressibility
•    Real gas equation
•    Practical fluid flow
•    Reynold’s number and the friction factor
•    System’s resistance curve
•    Liquid hydraulic gradient
•    Gas hydraulic gradient
•    System profile

Learners who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion for 1.5 professional development hours.

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This class is taught by Tom Miesner, an oil and gas pipeline veteran with many years of direct pipeline and control center operations management.  It is intended for those who want to gain a basic understanding of pipeline hydraulics without spending much time working through equations. Attendees of the instructor led class regularly say this class provides an excellent background for them to understand the why of hydraulic design for oil and gas pipelines.

The intended audience for this class includes:
•    Pipeline technical and operating employees who are new to oil and gas pipelines
•    Pipeline control room operators at all levels
•    Pipeline engineering company and contractor design personnel who need to understand the basics hydraulic design
•    Scada and IT vendors who use develop pipeline hydraulic applications
•    Others who are interested in expanding their technical knowledge of pipelines and pipeline engineering and operation
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