Pipeline Field and Central Control Room Operations

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Measurement, quality testing, and the other receipt and delivery functions are the topics of this module.  Also included is the critical role field operator’s play when it comes to landowner relations and working with local land use and emergency response officials.  Metering is the pipeline “cash register” and field operators and technicians are the ones who insure accuracy.  
Control rooms are the nerve center of the pipeline as control technicians monitor thousands of points; adjusting pressures and directing flow to meet customer needs.  From nominations to final delivery, this module covers the control room work flow as it highlights control room tools and challenges.
Students are expected to gain an overview of oil and gas pipeline, field, and central control room operations.  Topics include:
•    Line control
•    Starting and stopping the entire line
•    Changing flow rates
•    Starting, stopping or diverting flow
•    Optimizing line operations
•    Measurement and Testing
•    Flows and quantities
•    Quality
•    Indirect Operating Tasks
•    Healthy, Safety & Environmental
•    Education of & relations with the various publics
•    Emergency response preparation and training
•    Control room regulations
•    Control rooms and their work flow
•    Nominations
•    Scheduling
•    Dispatching
•    Controlling
•    Reporting
•    Quality banks
•    Interface cuts
•    Transmix
•    Control room tools

Learners who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion for 2.0 professional development hours.

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This class is taught by Tom Miesner, an oil and gas pipeline veteran with many years of direct pipeline and control center operations management.  It is intended for those who want to know more about pipeline, field, and control center operations. Attendees of the instructor led class regularly say this class provides an excellent background for them to understand those they work with or for further study of a complex and involved topic.
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